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We're making a difference, will you?

Run to Vote is a nonpartisan voting drive led by students and teachers from Granville Central High School in Stem, North Carolina. The Run to Vote team will travel through the 48 continental states to register people to vote, have them pledge to vote and/or inform the public about the candidates for the 2008 election.

For every person that registers to vote or pledges to vote, one of the teachers, Mr. Williams or someone in the teamís running group, will run the equivalent lap on a track or ľ mile.

URGENT!  Funds are running low, trip in jeopardy, please donate if you can.  Thank You.

Run to vote 6-15 002     

        Run  To Vote  The United States of America

We would like to specially thank Dale from Advantage Mobile in W. Richland, WA for fixing our van and being extremely generous with us.

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